About Anthony Pellegrino

About Anthony Pellegrino

Anthony Pellegrino is the principal and owner of Goldstone Financial Group, an SEC Registered Investment Adviser. Though Goldstone Financial Group, Anthony Pellegrino is not only responsible for guiding his own clients through difficult investment decisions, but also for facilitating the success of Goldstone’s associated specialists throughout the Midwest. To date, Pellegrino has helped over 1,500 clients manage their assets and set a solid foundation for their retirement savings.

Anthony Pellegrino firmly believes that your financial future is far too important to leave to the whims of a changing market. As an established fiduciary in Chicago, Pellegrino has well over eighteen years of experience in his field and specializes in creating low-risk, diversified investment portfolios for clients who want to save for retirement; highlights of his professional skill set include cash management, income planning, and providing strategies that target capital preservation and predictable payouts.

When Anthony Pellegrino takes on a client, he focuses on forging a long-term partnership. As a certified fiduciary, Pellegrino is judged according to a higher moral standard than most other financial advisors and has a legal responsibility to put his clients’ needs ahead of his interests. However, Pellegrino’s drive to succeed for his clients also aligns with his moral code; he will give his all to make sure that his clients have the best possible shot at building a fund that will carry them through their post-career life regardless of shifts in the market or the length of their retirement. Beyond his hands-on experience, Pellegrino’s formal certifications include a Series 65 securities license and an Illinois Department of Insurance license.

Anthony Pellegrino’s success is well-established both in his home of Illinois and across the United States. Pellegrino has consistently ranked in the top percentile of safe money specialists in the United States; in 2013, he was named one of the top ten advisors in the country by Advisors Excel. Chicago Magazine named Pellegrino a Five Star Wealth Manager — an award given to financial services professionals who achieve above-and-beyond scores in overall client satisfaction — twice. His influence in Midwestern financial circles earned him the opportunity to stand onstage at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center with former President, George W. Bush.

Anthony Pellegrino’s work doesn’t stop at Goldstone Financial’s office doors. Pellegrino currently co-hosts the CBS 2 Television show, “Securing Your Financial Future,” with fellow Goldstone principal, Michael Pellegrino. While on the air, the Pellegrinos provide actionable advice on how viewers can preserve their assets and effectively save for later in life. Before its shift to television, “Securing Your Financial Future” thrived for five years on WLS 890 AM radio and enjoyed both local circulation and periodic nationwide circulation. Consumer research company Nielsen Audio ranked the show as one of the most listened-to financial and economic radio talk programs in the Chicago area. Outside of the financial sector, Pellegrino is also an ardent advocate for U.S. military veterans and dedicates his time and efforts to support the United Service Organization and Operation Support Our Troops.  

When he isn’t helping clients, guiding his firm, providing on-air commentary on financial matters, or contributing his time to advocacy efforts, Anthony Pellegrino enjoys spending time in his home of Elmhurst, Illinois with his wife and three children.

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