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The Goldstone Way Goldstone Financial Group wants to help you reclaim control over your financial future. Founded in 2000 by certified fiduciary and current firm principal, Anthony Pellegrino, Goldstone Financial Group specializes in providing each of its thousands of clients with thoughtful, tailored, and comprehensive financial strategies that will create a solid financial foundation for… Continue Reading

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Debunking 5 of the Most Popular Yet Damaging Retirement Myths

Saving for retirement can be a very stressful topic for many Americans. We want to have enough money to live without worries during our retirement years, but many of us do not feel like we are in a position to save adequately at the current point in our careers. This stress can be exacerbated by… Continue Reading

Is a Million-Dollar Nest Egg Sufficient for a Worry-Free Retirement?

Recently, the stock market has performed impressively, boosting many employees’ retirement savings. According to recent data, the number of Fidelity 401(k) plans with a balance of at least $1 million reached more than 200,000 at the end of September, setting a new record high. This rate represents a growth of 7 percent from the prior… Continue Reading

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